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Grant access to your data, record symptoms, and find a care provider anytime, anywhere.

Passport for Parents and Athletes

ImPACT Passport puts you in control of your data. Manage your test results, keep track of symptom records, and locate a care provider anytime, anywhere with the Passport app, available free in the App Store and Google Play. A Passport Trained care provider can immediately access your test results and symptom records when you provide them with your Passport ID, a secure personal identification code issued at the completion of an ImPACT baseline test. No more requesting a fax or email of the results to be forwarded to your care provider!

Access Passport

Immediately after completing the ImPACT baseline test, a unique code (your Passport ID) will appear on the screen of the computer on which you took the test. You will need your Passport ID to access your test information in the future. Record your Passport ID so you can access it easily when you see a healthcare provider. Three ways to record your Passport ID:

  1. Go to the Apple App store and download the Passport app. The app has a specific location for you to enter your Passport ID for future reference.
  2. Your test proctor will provide you with a card that contains your Passport ID. Keep this in a secure location that is accessible to you when you see a healthcare provider (i.e. wallet, purse, or smartphone).
  3. Record your Passport ID at the completion of testing in a manner you prefer (written down, smartphone). Keep this in a secure location that is accessible to you when you see a healthcare provider.

In the unfortunate circumstance that you or your child has a suspected concussion, you should seek a healthcare provider who is Passport Trained. Be sure to bring your Passport ID with you to your appointment.

If you cannot locate your Passport ID, you will need to request it from the test administrator or ImPACT program administrator at the organization that administered the test. In the event you or the Passport Trained healthcare provider cannot locate your or your child's record, please contact ImPACT toll free at 1-877-646-7991 option 3.