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ImPACT Passport helps ensure continuity and quality of care.

ImPACT Passport - for Healthcare Providers

How ImPACT Passport Works

Every ImPACT test taker is issued a secure personal identification code—their ImPACT Passport ID. Any Passport-trained care provider can use that Passport ID to get immediate access to a patient's ImPACT test results and symptom records.

This means that you will have access to the accurate ImPACT test history you need to make educated decisions about care and treatment. Plus, no more waiting for test results to be located and forwarded from a school or from another healthcare provider.

Free Passport Training for Providers

Healthcare providers who complete the ImPACT Passport Training can access their patient's ImPACT test data, no matter where the baseline or post-injury test was administered.

The ImPACT Passport app is a free download—for both the test taker and healthcare provider.

Only existing ImPACT customers can become Passport-trained providers. If you are not an ImPACT customer, click here to request a demo.