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Download the ImPACT Toolkit app to administer select neurocognitive assessments, including ImPACT Pediatric.

ImPACT Toolkit

ImPACT Toolkit is an iPad-based application for use by healthcare professionals who are customers of ImPACT Applications, Inc. The app is required for administration of select neurocognitive assessments, including ImPACT Pediatric, a concussion evaluation and management tool for ages 5-11.

Toolkit offers customers the flexibility to administer assessments both online and offline. When used in offline mode, completed assessments are uploaded to the ImPACT database once the iPad is connected to the Internet.

ImPACT Toolkit is for assessment administration only; management and reporting of completed and uploaded assessments is done in the ImPACT Customer Center.

  • To use ImPACT Toolkit, you must have an ImPACT Customer Center account
  • Some features require an active network connection (Wi-Fi or Cellular)
  • ImPACT Toolkit cannot be used to administer ImPACT for ages 12-59

Click here to download ImPACT Toolkit for free from the iTunes store.