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Together, new Sway Balance and ImPACT mobile apps deliver real-time, on-site multifactor assessment

Sway Balance Mobile App

Sway BalanceTM, developed by Sway Medical, LLC, is an FDA cleared iOS mobile software application that enables clinical grade balance testing to be conducted in virtually any setting for musculoskeletal, neurological and vestibular dysfunction.

ImPACT supports the Sway Balance app because integrating it with ImPACT's products reinforces leading clinicians' consensus that the ideal concussion management protocol integrates multifactor assessments including neurocognitive, balance and symptom evaluations. ImPACT's PCSI and Sideline ImPACT mobile apps, combined with Sway Balance, add immediate and affordable measures at the site of play.

While cognitive testing is the cornerstone of concussion management, the Sway Balance application provides critical balance assessment information in real time to help further assess potential injuries as they occur. Sway Balance combined with ImPACT is an excellent fit within the ImPACT Concussion Management Model.

Both ImPACT and Sway Medical are committed to improving the quality and reach of concussion management by employing best practices and best-in-class partners into an overall concussion management protocol.

Sway Balance Features:
  • With an iOS mobile device, health care professionals can quickly and simply analyze a patient's stability using the Sway Balance mobile app
  • Proprietary algorithms leverage the motion sensors in your mobile device to analyze postural sway
  • The Balance Score provides a stability index to quickly evaluate total stability using a 100-point scale. With an established baseline, users can quickly detect changes in stability or compare to normative data to establish relative stability
  • The product is available at a far lower cost than traditional balance assessments
  • Sway Balance is a medical device and received a 510(k) clearance by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • The Sway Balance application is intended for use by qualified individuals to assess sway as an indicator of balance. Individual suitability for assessment must be judged on a case by case basis, by a qualified individual, including those certified and/or licensed in their state to prescribe and/or use balance devices such as certified athletic trainers and coaches, physical therapists, nurses, and physicians
  • Sway Balance software has been verified as a reliable, valid and useful tool by researchers in various fields of study, including biomedical engineering, exercise physiology, neuroscience, and biomechanics
  • The current app is suitable for qualified medical professionals in sports teams and other athletic settings concerned with concussion management. Future versions of the app will accommodate the needs of physical therapists and orthopedic surgeons
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The Sway Balance app is available for download in the App Store. Administrators and medical professionals can visit http://swaymedical.com/products/balance for more information and pricing.